HBOT in depth

Oxygen when delivered under pressure helps promote growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). It also decreases swelling and inflammation, increases the body's ability to fight infections, helps the body discharge toxins and metabolic waste products, and accelerates the rate of healing. It should be used to compliment conventional therapies and treatments ordered by a physician.

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Oxygen stands as the key substrate for metabolism. Every day an average adult consumes almost six pounds of oxygen, and from that six pounds of oxygen, about 2 pounds gets into the blood for transport to tissue cells. When inside a hyperbaric chamber pressurized at twice the normal air pressure, we breathe double the number of molecules. Breathing pure oxygen in such a chamber gives us 10 times the regular amount of oxygen. In one hour we can inhale 2.4 pounds of oxygen. Red blood cells instantly fill with oxygen, and the extra oxygen dissolves directly into the blood fluid. In a few minutes, this extra oxygen builds up tissue oxygen levels far above normal. This action has been scientifically proven to stimulate healing.

Oxygen breathed while inside a hyperbaric chamber is no different from natural oxygen. It is natural oxygen, only delivered in a pressurized chamber. Chamber atmosphere pressurization occurs slowly, to allow for the adjustment of ear pressure. As the pressure increases, just yawn, swallow, or blow your nose to clear pressure changes in your ears.

is hbot safe?

The greatest possible care has been taken to insure your safety. All National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) building and safety standards have been met or exceeded during the construction of our clinic. All blankets, pillows, towels and patient scrubs are specifically designed for hyperbaric use. Every detail has been met for your safety and convenience. Our chamber operators are technically trained in the administration of hyperbaric therapy and continuously improve their skills through ongoing education.